How to Develop and Use Knowledge Graphs to Drive the Business Value of Your Data and Strengthen Your AI Strategy
  Daniel Gallar   Daniel Gallar
Customer Success Manager
Semantic Web Company
  Andreas Blumauer   Andreas Blumauer
PoolParty / Semantic Web Company


Tuesday, October 15, 2019
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Everyone talks about Knowledge Graphs. But do people fully comprehend what a Knowledge Graph is? Most people understand it as an additional virtual layer that merely serves the purpose of integrating heterogeneous data sources. But is that really all? The answer at Semantic Web Company is an unequivocal "no"! It is much more than that: it is the exact spot where navigation in complex data succeeds and user interactions can be interpreted correctly. Knowledge Graphs are suitable for the visualization and quality improvement of data and feed AI applications with semantically consistent and linked data. 

So how can a Knowledge Graph be developed as a semantic layer in enterprises? How can end users, domain experts, knowledge engineers and AI agents seamlessly work together to connect data intelligently and transparently while making it more accessible? 

Using the Linked Data Life Cycle, which is PoolParty's standard method for the development of Knowledge Graphs, this presentation will give you a thought-provoking overview of the practical use of Knowledge Graphs at the enterprise level.

Daniel joined SWC in February 2019 as he firmly believes his strong academic background in Linguistics and extensive relationship management experience in the software industry will be an asset to the team. Spanish-born, but having spent most of his professional career in the UK and Austria, Daniel is an all-round, multilingual relationship manager with over ten years’ experience, including business development, channel-sales, exports as well as lead generation, including at a managerial level. Daniel is used to extensive travelling (prospection trips, business meetings, trade shows, etc. all over the world) and all this wealth of experience has turned him into an open-minded, adaptable, passionate, confident, multilingual communicator and negotiator that fully enjoys the challenges that the market and the workplace bring.

Andreas Blumauer is a pioneer in the field of Semantic Web and has been working in the field of semantic technologies since 2001. For the past 15 years, he has been CEO of Semantic Web Company (SWC). At SWC he is responsible for business development and strategic product management of PoolParty Semantic Suite ( - a semantic middleware for the development of applications based on Linked Data, Machine Learning and Semantic Web Standards. 

Andreas is the editor of the first comprehensive book on the Semantic Web. He is an experienced consultant in information architecture, knowledge management, metadata management, linked data, semantic search, data analysis, text mining and machine learning. He regularly speaks at international conferences on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to knowledge management.